Superchips ECU remaps will optimise the performance of your car, helping to maximize your driving pleasure. Engine tuning, for petrol or diesel engines, will change your driving experience.

There are so many limits on driving these days. Even your car’s intended performance is restricted because car manufacturers have to allow for drivers who do not adhere to service schedules and who use sub-standard fuels. The good news is that ECU remap software can free you from these limits.

At K Mugglestone & Co we have over a decade of experience improving your vehicles making them the best they can be. Adding a Superchip ECU Remap to your car is just one of the many ways we can improve your driving experience.

Not only will a Superchips Remap improve the performance of your car but it will improve your fuel economy, meaning more miles per gallon.

Some of the benefits of a Superchips Remaps include : improved acceleration, smoother power delivery and a more responsive engine.


What increases can I expect?

Every Superchip Delivers:
1: An Engine that Responds more eagerly to your right foot
2: Smoother power delivery making town driving much easier and fewer gear changes
3: Improved acceleration for safer overtaking

For non- turbo petrol cars:
up to 10% more power
enhanched throttle response

For turbocharged petrol cars:
up to 20% more power
up to 25% more midrange torque

For turbocharged diesel cars:
up to 30% more torque and power
up to 10% more fuel economy


Non Turbo Vehicles: From £199 inc VAT
Turbo Vehicles: From £320 inc VAT

To check if your vehicle is available to recieve a Remap Please click the link below:

Alternatively give us a call,
even if your vehicle isnt listed we may still be able to do it, a lot of modern cars share engines with other manufacturers so chances are your engine will have been Superchipped in a different vehicle.

Why Choose Superchips?

A Superchips Remap may not be the cheapest available on the market but we pride our inselves in fitting only the best equipment to your vehicle.
All Superchips Remaps are done in house on Superchips Ltd’s own rolling road by a team of highly trained technicians with over 30 years of experience, and are optimised to provide great increases in Fuel Economy and Performance without affecting engine or component life.

We also offer a supplementary warranty for your peace of mind; the warranty is not intended to replace the existing warranty provided by the manufacturer, but will complement it. Full terms and conditions are available here:

Exactly how is it done?

Since the early 1990’s, most engines have been controlled by an on-board computer, the engine control unit (ECU), which amongst other functions, defines ignition timing, fuelling and boost pressure for all given engine speeds and loads.
After extensive development and testing, we arrive at the optimesed settings for your make and model of vehicle, ensuring that each Superchip is as individual as the software inside your ECU, safely eliminating those ‘performance compromises’.
In most cases this remapped programme is installed electonrically and remotely through the car’s diagnostic port. Theres no replacement chip and we dont touch the ECU itself.

How long will we need your car?

In a lot of cases we will only require the car for approx’ 1 hour, but we recommend you arrange to leave the car with us incase it takes a little longer.



We provide the Superchips Remapping Service for the following areas +10 mile radius:

Vehicle Remapping in Boston, Spalding, Kirton, Spilsby, Sibsey, Conningsby, Tattershall, Sleaford, Lincoln, Louth, Grimsby, Peterborough, Wisbech, Lincolnshire.